Bookminded Recommends: Clark Beckham

by amy

Years ago, when American Idol appeared on the scene, I wasn’t terribly interested. Most of the ‘talent’ was subpar, and the format of the program (e.g. remember the results shows?!) was not a big draw. But once Harry Connick Jr. joined the program as a judge, I knew that the musical hopefuls would improve in quality. I am happy to report that my hunch was correct.

Though my top pick for this year’s win, Clark Beckham, did not take the title–I predict that he has a bright future ahead of him in the music business. An incredibly talented musician and songwriter, he also has an AMAZING vocal range and beautiful tone. His voice has both the gravel of a Joe Cocker and the tonality of a James Morrison or Eric Hutchinson. Trust me–he is worth a listen. I have downloaded his EPs on iTunes and have been playing them nonstop. My spring/summer soundtrack for 2015!

Check him out here, holding his own with Michael McDonald.