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From the desk of…

Dear Bookminded Friends,

It has been a long while since I have posted, due to a variety of factors, which include the following:

  1. A rather busy semester at work (This is reverse hyperbole, fyi.)
  2. An (over) ambitious extracurricular schedule for the children (Never again.)
  3. A very naughty puppy who has hit adolescence and thus requires constant surveillance (Today my dog walker asked me if he could use her as an example of a willful puppy on his cable access show. Um, okay?)
  4. A big writing deadline (More on that to come.)
  5. A smallish, but disruptive house renovation project (NB: Never, ever try to have all of your floors refinished after you have moved into a house. It creates all of the chaos of moving, except you don’t move. And it takes weeks and weeks to get the house back together. And don’t get me started on the dust.)

As you can see from my extended commentary on #5, that was probably the one thing that wreaked havoc on my schedule because nothing was in its place for weeks. Seriously, while the end result is worth all the hassle, it was no fun to live through. But I am back up and running (in a metaphorical sense as well as the actual—ran a half marathon last week!) and perhaps more importantly, WRITING!

I hope you all survived the winter. Still every morning when I wake up to sunshine and chirping birds, I think I am dreaming. At long last…summer!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on two books that you will want to make sure you get your hands on before the weekend.


My messy desk. Note the bottle of Bitter Apple spray to the left of my laptop to deter puppy chewing...

My messy desk. Note the bottle of Bitter Apple spray to the left of my laptop to deter puppy chewing…


Bookminded Recommends: A True Life “You’ve Got Mail.”

Mara and Danny Kofoed are the married team behind A Blog About Love, which covers topics ranging from love and relationships to travel and healthy living. I first encountered the blog about two years ago—I can’t recall how it was that I found it, but I was immediately drawn in by the long-form essay posts about love and forgiveness and spirituality (the Kofoeds are LDS, yet don’t push a religious agenda—which I, as a non-Mormon, appreciate). What they do emphasize, however, is the broader “Golden Rule” idea, to which (all?) readers likely subscribe.

Both were in previous marriages that ended in divorce and were eventually connected through a mutual friend that thought they might have something in common. Over the course of the next several months, the two begin to fall for each other through their words over email before ever meeting in real life (like a real life You’ve Got Mail!). Read the first email here and then you will definitely want to keep reading the rest.

What I love most about A Blog About Love is its intentional consideration of tough topics in an honest and authentic way. The community-driven mission of these two is to help others through the sharing of their experiences and there is something so personal about that (even if most are encountering them through a screen). At the end of the summer, the Kofoeds rented out their place in Park Slope and moved to Ecuador where they are learning Spanish while getting to know their surroundings.

They are also working on interesting wellness projects like this upcoming retreat, which I wish I could attend, but the timing doesn’t work this fall. I am hoping, however, that they will do another because I can’t think of a better reason to dust off my Spanish-speaking skills than to work toward better (holistic) health.

And as Martha Stewart would say, that’s (always) a good thing.

Photo via A Blog About Love.

Photo via A Blog About Love.

Photo via A Blog About Love.

Photo via A Blog About Love.